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When you first thought about selling on Amazon, you probably didn’t realise there were all these new things you would have to learn... Different marketing techniques, new technical skills, and time-draining store management.
It can make you feel like just sticking with the way you do things now. “The easy way”. 
But if you’re not succeeding on it soon, you’re going to get left behind. Amazon has literally become 50% of all online commerce.
You might not be an expert on it yourself, but you can get experts who’ve been selling on the platform for years to do it for you. Your products could be put in front of millions more people, generating you thousands of sales without having to do anything.

Your Success is Our Success

The brands and manufacturers we work with are not just clients, they’re our partners. That means we work on their stores as if they were our own - we do everything possible to help them succeed.
We don’t just partner up with anyone though. We go through a meticulous selection process to make sure we only work with the best. Exclusively those who have potential to reach 7 figures within 2 years will pass the test.
After building multiple 6 and 7 figure Amazon stores for ourselves and our partners, we are looking to help even more businesses to succeed. As well as through partnerships, we’re now also revealing the secrets through online courses and custom consulting.

We don’t just talk the talk

We started out building our own brand which led to discovering things our competitors still don’t seem to understand. We propelled this brand to the top of its niche, generated millions in sales, and then did the same for others.
Before launching Digital Merchant, the only type of help we could find for Amazon brands were normal agencies and consultants. No one who did it quite like us.
Now we often get told how glad our partners are to have found us. The people they’ve worked with before just didn’t care about their wants or their success. That’s why we’re here to help your brand reach the same level our own brand has.

Your Ideal Route to Success

The main thing we do, is of course the partnership deal in which we basically sell your products on Amazon for you. We’ve already helped plenty of clients to reach 6 and 7 figures with their online stores - you can read their success stories here.
If you’d prefer to learn how to do things yourself though, we can teach you how to succeed on the platform through expert consulting or courses. For an idea of the kind of knowledge we have to offer, check out the mini guides our blog.

Who Runs The Show


I’m Mihkel

I started on Amazon by selling the products I developed and then creating brands. Today, their turnover is already more than $250,000 USD per month. After the first success, more and more people started to contact me and ask for help with their own brands. This is what gave birth to the Digital Merchant Agency.

What topics can I help you with?

  • Strategies to succeed on Amazon
  • Finding business opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Consulting and training for Amazon

I'm Madis

I consider myself a 100% practitioner who has learned about Amazon sales and marketing from a purely personal experience.

I find the analysis of different products and markets extremely exciting. When we start working together, I will thoroughly find out everything required to successfully market and sell your product.

What topics can I help you with?

  • Market research
  • Product listings that convert (compilation, analysis, etc.) and systems
  • Product development

I'm Caroline

I live in Estonia, but I'm actually a German from France. I make sure that your products have correct and effective sales texts on the German and French platforms. You can then be proud of your brand even in the languages you don’t understand.

What topics can I help you with?

  • SEO, sales texts, customer service
  • SEO, sales texts, customer service
  • Multi-platform, multi-language brand congruency
  • Market research

I'm Yvelin

I’m passionate about project management as well as everything involved selling on Amazon. In Digital Merchant I can effectively merge these two competencies by working as a Brand Manager. It’s my job to oversee the brands we work with from research to launch, to care for their accounts and make sure they’re selling as well as they could be.

What can I help you with?

  • Amazon selling and optimization
  • Market research
  • Amazon problem solving & account management.
  • Making your brand and products stand out and beat the competition.

I'm Katriin

As the former head of marketing of the Estonian Debate Society, I am considered a great debater. I do love a good debate, but I will only defend my ideas passionately if I am completely sure of them.

While not debating, I have been building my marketing background at different digital agencies. I now use the insights from this to help our partners separate themselves from the competition.

What topics can I help you with?

  • Amazon selling and optimization
  • Market research
  • Amazon problem solving & account management
  • Making your brand and products stand out and beat the competition

I'm Anu

I haven't worked as a researcher in a lab for a long time, but thanks to my systematic approach to solving problems I am and always will be a researcher at heart.

My job here is Product Development. Through in-depth analysis and argumented data driven insights I bring a different perspective and valuable findings on things . This helps us to bring out popular new products that stand out from competition and perform well from day 1.

What topics can I help you with?

  • In-depth data analysis
  • Amazon process automation & systems
  • Product launching

I’m (also) Mihkel

At first, I startled my colleagues when I announced that my specialty was civil engineering. Fortunately, when they heard that I had successfully sold my own products on Amazon before I joined them, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks to my in-depth understanding how stuff works and analytical approach to problems, I am now helping develop new product ideas and improve current products. I help products stand out from the competition whilst not breaking the bank in development and improvements.

What topics can I help you with?

  • Amazon product development
  • Analytics, systems and automation
Working with Digital Merchant has exceeded our expectations. I'm very pleased with the quick and direct communication, dedication to the project, and professional service. I'm sure the results we've achieved together would have taken me at least few a years longer if I were to have tried alone.

Teily Allas

Owner at Lucky Baby Moments
Digital Merchant are the “go to guys” when you want to carry your Amazon business to the next level. Already proven Amazon businesses can grow up to 5 and even 10 times (as was in our case) with their dedicated work. Their process is engineered to perfection.

Yusuf Bugra Sahin

CEO at Stowsen
We understood that on a marketplace as competitive as Amazon, besides having a great product, you also need brilliant marketing. We realized that we had a much better chance to succeed by working together - doing it ourselves would just be a waste of time and money.

Janno Joosep

CEO at Berrichi
To me, one of the most encouraging things was the fact that Mihkel and his team are Amazon Sellers themselves and not just theorists. For this reason, I invited them on board to share their know-how and implement necessary changes. Our experience, communication and results were very positive!

Ken Daniel

CEO and Owner at Screensale

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