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We started working with Digital Merchant in 2017. Our cooperation involved conducting thorough market research for different products and markets, launching products, and optimizing for sales. The results were positively surprising - we sold 1141 items and earned 54 918 EUR within our first 2 months! This proves that with the right market research, strategy, and proper preparation, you can achieve results on Amazon fast.

Rainer Toome

E-commerce manager at Wendre
You cannot become a specialist in everything, which is why you must sometimes get the help of those who already possess the expertise. Thanks to Digital Merchant, our account started selling significantly better within the first year - resulting in a 538% increase in sales. What I liked the most about our cooperation was the quick, honest, and open communication, in-depth understanding of Amazon, and the fact that solutions to problems were found right away.

Urmas Kiisk

CEO at Photopoint
Initially, we weren't looking for a partner to help us to sell on Amazon. We had decided to train ourselves and do it ourselves. However, whilst educating ourselves, we started to understand that selling on Amazon is not as easy as it seems - there are many complicated nuances in the process. So instead of wasting a lot of time and money trying to do it ourselves, we decided to try working with the experts. In less than a year of working together, we now have a new sales channel which does over 20% of the total company revenue. With just 2 products on Amazon, we now make as much as we used to from over 20 on other sales channels. This has also led to us being able to significantly optimize and improve our manufacturing processes. What we like the most about working with Digital Merchant is the fact that the communication is very immediate and direct, and there is always at least one person who is deeply involved with the project. Also, if something goes wrong, the whole team are always ready to jump in to help. I can definitely recommend them.

Allan Treiblut

CEO at Riverbank
Mihkel and his team are more than professional. They are easy to work with, take time to educate you, and put in 110% effort. Definitely a company that under-promises and over-delivers.

Jack Clark III

Co-Founder at BuggieHuggie
Digital Merchant is definitely one of the best out there at selling on Amazon. We value the immediate communication, dedication to important details, and quick reaction to the inevitable daily problems on Amazon where Mihkel's experience is irreplaceable.

Raivo Tamsalu

Co-Founder at Capster
Amazon is becoming the world dominant marketplace creating previously impossible opportunities for companies all over the world. Digital Merchant are the “go to guys” when you want to carry your Amazon business to the next level. By "next level", I mean that proven Amazon businesses can grow up to 5 and even 10 times (as was in our case) with their dedicated help. As they are already experienced with different products and markets, their approach is engineered to perfection. First, they prepare all the possible data without leaving out any detail. Then they analyze it at a level that you start to think they know your market and products even better than you do. Once everything is crystal clear, they create a plan and start executing on it. Soon after, you will start seeing the sales roll in and can really notice the difference. After a while, they do some fine tuning to improve sales even further. Thank you!

Yusuf Bugra Sahin

CEO at Stowsen
To me, one of the most encouraging reasons for cooperation was the fact that Mihkel and his team are Amazon Sellers themselves and not just theorists. For this reason, I invited them on board to share their know-how and implement necessary changes. Our experience, communication and results were very positive!

Ken Daniel

CEO and Owner at Screensale