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Our choice to partner up with Digital Merchant was entirely based on quality: we understood that on a marketplace as competitive as Amazon, besides having a great product, you also need great marketing work. The chance to succeed when working with them is just so much greater. We realised that by doing it ourselves we would be wasting time & money - we'd just be stuck at a low sales volume like many small players on Amazon.

Janno Joosep

CEO at Berrichi
Working with Digital Merchant has been even better than expected. I'm very pleased with the quick and direct communication, dedication to the project, and professional service. I'm sure the results we've achieved together would have taken me at least few a years longer if I were to have tried alone.

Teily Allas

Owner at Lucky Baby Moments
When I started with Amazon in 2017, I felt very insecure about it because I didn't have the experience or knowledge to navigate the platform. After trying for several months on our own, we met Mihkel. He analysed our account for just a few weeks and then knew exactly what to do. By the end of the year, Mihkel helped us multiply our revenue 5-fold. Working with him is always enjoyable and I can recommend him with 100% confidence!

Erko Leemet

CEO at Breden Kids
Mihkel is one of the top experts in his field who has both the experience and knowledge to succeed on Amazon, as well as the ability to teach it forward. He shares very specific instructions during his consultations that can be implemented right away. This has helped several of the companies in our incubator to better capitalise on what Amazon has to offer.

Kadri Karma

Project manager at Tallinn Creative Incubator
After deciding to dive into the world of Amazon, it made sense to seek out an experienced partner to get the desired results faster and more efficiently (as in most areas of business). Digital Merchant's Amazon experience, successes and work ethic were already known in Estonia, which is why already after our initial meeting we decided to work together. Their no-hype, no-fluff approach helped us set the correct expectations for how long it would take to achieve our goals - we achieved top seller positions in our category in just 6 months! During the last few years, due to inevitable reasons, we have had to start over from scratch on 3 different occasions. Each time this happened though, we have went on to achieve top positions again and again. What I like most about working with them is how meticulous their processes are and the way everything has been thought through. This has helped us save a lot of time and resources over time.

Ragnar Käsper

CEO & Owner at Organic Magnesium
Thanks to Digital Merchant, we found out exactly how people are thinking and searching on Amazon, as well as how to improve our products to succeed on the platform.

Justin Hein

Export manager at BioCC
Working with Mihkel has been pure joy. He has been guiding me to succeed on Amazon since the very beginning of my journey. This has helped me avoid many costly mistakes and saved me a lot of valuable time rather than trying to figure things out by trial and error myself. The basis of our cooperation has been first and foremost the learning process - Mihkel doesn't do the work for me, but guides me through the process with practical examples. As a result, I can now independently search for and find suitable products for Amazon, conduct proper market research, talk to suppliers, and launch in a way that anyone can manage.

Jürgen Pokk

Private Label FBA Seller