From 0 to 2 000 000 USD in revenue in under 3 years.

This account is one of Digital Merchant’s personal Amazon stores. We believe in only preaching what we do (successfully) ourselves. When most service providers have never put themselves at any significant risk, we have dived in and experienced this ourselves. As a result, we fully understand what it takes to run a successful Amazon account and business.

Performance Results:

From 0 to 2 000 000 USD

a year in revenue in under 3 years

100% success rate across 31 products launched

not a single product we have launched has failed

Top 0.005%

Amazon account in sales worldwide

Average conversion rate at 28,3%

across all products (compared to Amazon’s average of 10%)

Profitable & easy to manage

paid advertising campaigns

The secrets to our 7-figure success:

We accept that the days of easy wins on Amazon are gone.

What’s left is a high barrier to entry that requires more systematic and thorough work than the competitors are willing (or able) to do. It takes 150-250 hours of work to launch a single product if you want to do it successfully.

We focus extensively in being the best in

1. market and customer research to create products that really appeal to customers,
2. product development so we start already with superior products
3. on creating marketing and listings that differentiate and convert at double or triple the niche average conversion rate.

Action steps:

  • Pick only products where we can be certain to do well, and be strict with our criteria for desired revenue, margins, and ROI. 90% of the success of a Private Label FBA product comes from choosing the right product.
  • Choose products and niche markets that most sellers would stay away from. For us, the key is finding niches where Amazon marketers either find it too difficult to get through the required bureaucracy, products are very complicated, or there is some other high barrier to entry.
  • Deepen our market and product research further to find out the best product sizes, colors, and features to generate both high sales volume and a healthy profit margin.
  • Read and analyse thousands (yes, you read that right) of customer reviews, study Google, look at product-use videos on Youtube, and talk to product experts. This gives a deep understanding into the customers’ minds and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Develop new products together with the manufacturer that fit exactly what the customers are searching for. Changing just the color or size will not cut it. This takes months; at first, no manufacturer is willing to change their products for you, but friendly persistence and patience leads to breakthroughs here.
  • Create enticing product pages with stunning images, persuasive copy, and smart SEO to rank high and convert well. Most sellers think they know how to create good product pages, but they don’t. You have to go deep to really connect with the customers’ desires and fears relating to the product.

    We consistently get our products to 30-40%, sometimes even 60%+ conversion rates.
  • Rank and sell hundreds of products within your first week of launch with 0 giveaways and 0 reviews.

    To accomplish this, we are laser-focused with our advertising (PPC) targeting. You need to be very detailed about which search terms you target and know how much you need to spend in order to achieve visibility during the Amazon honeymoon period (30 days period where Amazon gives extra boost to new products). We then monitor daily to see where to cut off bad performers and boost great ones.
  • Regularly research your niche, your advertising data, and reviews to find new ideas for

    1. product improvements to stay ahead of competitors;
    2. new product ideas
  • Systematically organise the data to create a Product Launch Funnel that at any moment contains 30 fresh new product ideas to launch next. You can then consistently launch 2-4 new products each quarter.


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