47.1% Product Page Conversion Rate and Top 3 Seller Within 6 Months

This massage oils seller was already successfully selling to the local retail market but had not yet expanded to Amazon. The problem was that all of the competitors’ products looked like they were made in the same factory. We had to do something different to make our client stand out.

Performance Results:

Reached conversion rates of 47.3%

(Amazon average is 10%)

Achieved top 3 positions

for most important search terms in 4 months

Sold 30% more products

at higher price points than competitors

Highest margins in the niche

due to higher pricing and better positioning

Our approach:

Since the owner of the brand was open to all types of changes, including the products themselves, this was the area where started from.

Working together, we redesigned new, well differentiated products & packaging in the target market native language. We were able to create a truly personalised solution with the sole purpose to maximise sales and profits on Amazon.

Action steps:

  • Conduct thorough market research to find the best market in Europe for the products. This can make a huge difference in the potential to appeal to customers and therefore the profit margins
  • Conduct research into customer reviews, study Google, and talk to product experts. This gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ minds and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Suggest improvements to product packaging, design, and positioning to the manufacturer and product experts.
  • Work with our native German-speaking Amazon specialist on the product packaging, SEO, listing copy texts, images, ad campaigns, and emails. This makes sure we can use fluent, yet persuasive German. This separates us from competitors who mainly use a mix of English and German, or just sloppy-sounding German.
  • Position the products as the premium option at 20-30% higher prices than competitors.
  • Gather data and hold regular meetings with the client to perfect the quality of the products, launch new potential best sellers, and further improve sales numbers.
After deciding to dive into the world of Amazon, it made sense to seek out an experienced partner to get the desired results faster and more efficiently (as in most areas of business). Digital Merchant's Amazon experience, successes and work ethic were already known in Estonia, which is why already after our initial meeting we decided to work together. Their no-hype, no-fluff approach helped us set the correct expectations for how long it would take to achieve our goals - we achieved top seller positions in our category in just 6 months! During the last few years, due to inevitable reasons, we have had to start over from scratch on 3 different occasions. Each time this happened though, we have went on to achieve top positions again and again. What I like most about working with them is how meticulous their processes are and the way everything has been thought through. This has helped us save a lot of time and resources over time.

Ragnar Käsper

CEO & Owner at Organic Magnesium


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