A 538% increase in sales in 12 months in a competitive niche

Photopoint is a well known retail reseller in Estonia. They had tried selling on Amazon in 2018 but were not doing nearly as well as they wanted to. Their catalogue consisted of over 100 product variations. The goal was to multiply their sales volume and profitability to make Amazon a viable business channel.

Performance Results:

538% increase in sales

from 2018 to 2019

Another 100% increase in sales

from 2019 to 2020

22.3% average cost of sale (ACOS)

on advertising (4.48 ROAS)

From 8 reviews to

hundreds of positive reviews

Our approach:

The account already had hundreds of product variations on sale before we started working on this Amazon account. We knew that it's unlikely that all product variations would sell equally well which is why we decided to grow the account on a 80/20 principle.

Doing everything thoroughly well would have been too expensive for all parties involved. This meant that in each stage of the optimization we focused only on the most important actions that we predicted would have the best possible results.

Action steps:

  • Speak with the client and conduct research to figure out the 80/20 of the Amazon account - where we can create the biggest impact from the smallest changes.
  • Redo all SEO works for the products with the most potential. This can help us rank much higher on Amazon and get in front of more customers.
  • Perform research into customer reviews, Google, and talk to product experts. This gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ minds and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Using the research information, rewrite product listing copies with our native speaker copywriter. This makes them stand out to significantly boost conversion rates.
  • Take brand new product photos to give them a high-end feel and emphasise the most important aspects for the customers.
  • Stop unprofitable ad campaigns, then rebuild campaign structure and bidding strategy to focus on profitability first. Next, perform tests and keep advertising products where profitability could be achieved.
  • Set up follow-up email campaigns to send to every Amazon customer. This creates a positive customer experience, generates positive reviews, and helps sell the products better.
  • Find reviewers for multiple products that currently have none. This creates social proof and helps convince potential customers that would otherwise be skeptical to buy.
  • Finally, conduct extensive market research and suggest new profitable product ideas to launch.
You cannot become a specialist in everything, which is why you must sometimes get the help of those who already possess the expertise. Thanks to Digital Merchant, our account started selling significantly better within the first year - resulting in a 538% increase in sales. What I liked the most about our cooperation was the quick, honest, and open communication, in-depth understanding of Amazon, and the fact that solutions to problems were found right away.

Urmas Kiisk

CEO at Photopoint


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