From 0 to 95 000 EUR in monthly sales in 1 year

This furniture manufacturer came to us through a public training we did in May 2019. Most of their products were not even accepted by Amazon fulfilment centers because of their size and weight, so the project needed a specialised approach from the beginning.

After our first successful product launch together, we decided to grow this cooperation into a full partnership with a long term goal of growing into a 5 000 000 EUR account within 3 years.

Performance Results:

0 - 95 000 EUR

in monthly sales in 12 months

Amazon #1 best seller badge

achieved in our categories for all the most important products

Grew Amazon to 20% total company revenue

and achieving an exemplary channel profit margin

2 products sell more than 20+ in the past

leading to significant efficiency gains in manufacturing

Our approach:

We decided to choose products and niche markets that most sellers would stay away from or would find difficult to succeed in to build a unique long term competitive advantage.

This is exactly where we thrive thanks to our expertise in Amazon marketing.

Action steps:

  • In-person meetings to find out more about the company, their goals for Amazon, budget limitations, and possible products we could sell.
  • Conduct in depth market research to find out the best product sizes, colors, and features to generate both high sales volume and a healthy profit margin.
  • Research thousands of customer reviews, study Google, and talk to product experts. This gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ minds, and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Develop new products together with the manufacturer that fit exactly what our customers are searching for.
  • Create enticing product pages with stunning images, persuasive copy and smart SEO to rank high and convert well.
  • Optimize and then regularly maintain paid adverts to remove any excess spending, discover new opportunities, and maximize profit.
  • Regularly perform market research to propose new product ideas with strong potential.
  • Hold weekly meetings with the client to make sure everyone is aligned with what we are doing, to discuss ongoing problems and ideas on what we should execute next.
Initially, we weren't looking for a partner to help us to sell on Amazon. We had decided to train ourselves and do it ourselves. However, whilst educating ourselves, we started to understand that selling on Amazon is not as easy as it seems - there are many complicated nuances in the process. So instead of wasting a lot of time and money trying to do it ourselves, we decided to try working with the experts. In less than a year of working together, we now have a new sales channel which does over 20% of the total company revenue. With just 2 products on Amazon, we now make as much as we used to from over 20 on other sales channels. This has also led to us being able to significantly optimize and improve our manufacturing processes. What we like the most about working with Digital Merchant is the fact that the communication is very immediate and direct, and there is always at least one person who is deeply involved with the project. Also, if something goes wrong, the whole team are always ready to jump in to help. I can definitely recommend them.

Allan Treiblut

CEO at Riverbank


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