A 10x increase in Amazon sales in less than 9 months

This international company focuses on providing Do-It-Yourself chip repair kits for stone, granite, ceramic, and acrylic surfaces. The products are designed to allow anyone to fix small cracks or chips on their kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, or other similar surfaces. 

They had been selling on Amazon on their own for over a year prior to turning to us. The results before this had not been terrible, but were still miles away from their competitors and their potential.

As part of refreshing their whole brand, website, and marketing efforts, they decided to also redo their Amazon account and listings with us.

Performance Results:

10x increase in sales

in less than 9 months

Achieved top 5 positions

for most important search terms

30% higher price points

thanks to redesigning the brand & packaging based on Amazon customer & market research.

Our approach:

Since the owner of the brand was open to all types of changes, including the products themselves, this was the area where started from.

Working together, we redesigned new, well differentiated products & packaging designed with the sole purpose to maximise sales and profits on Amazon.

Action steps:

  • In-person meetings to find out more about the company, their goals for Amazon, budget limitations, and possible products we could sell.
  • Conduct in-depth market research to narrow down the best product variations and features to generate both a high sales volume and healthy profit margin.
  • Research thousands of customer reviews, study Google, and talk to product experts. This gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ minds, and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Redesign packaging with the client to “wow” the (potential) Amazon customers. Also redesign all product manuals and help-materials to make the products easy to use, and as a result, avoid negative customer reviews.
  • Create product pages that appeal to our exact target customers - every image, word of copy, and the design. This makes sure the Amazon algorithm shows us at the top of the search results as well as achieving the highest conversion rates.
  • Find reviewers for our products to create initial social proof. This gives us strong momentum in the beginning thanks to the influx of positive feedback.
  • Create Amazon Sponsored Ads that are both simple to manage and highly profitable.
  • Continuously optimize product pages to maximize relevance to the customer and search engines, resulting in a steep growth in sales.
  • Add new add-on products to encourage additional purchases and further boost sales.
  • Help create and implement an inventory management and forecasting system to accurately forecast demand and adjust production in order to not run out of stock.
Amazon is becoming the world dominant marketplace creating previously impossible opportunities for companies all over the world. Digital Merchant are the “go to guys” when you want to carry your Amazon business to the next level. By "next level", I mean that proven Amazon businesses can grow up to 5 and even 10 times (as was in our case) with their dedicated help. As they are already experienced with different products and markets, their approach is engineered to perfection. First, they prepare all the possible data without leaving out any detail. Then they analyze it at a level that you start to think they know your market and products even better than you do. Once everything is crystal clear, they create a plan and start executing on it. Soon after, you will start seeing the sales roll in and can really notice the difference. After a while, they do some fine tuning to improve sales even further. Thank you!

Yusuf Bugra Sahin

CEO at Stowsen


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