From zero to 400 000 EUR in monthly revenue in less than 3 years.

This seller is an Estonian home, bedding, and textiles manufacturer who exports 97% of their products. Prior to working with us, they had tried selling on Amazon once, but it ended up in a significant loss. Understandably, they were skeptical of our cooperation in the beginning.

Performance Results:

0 - 150 000 EUR

in monthly sales in 11 months

400 000 EUR

in monthly sales in less than 3 years

Top 0.005%

Amazon account in sales worldwide

Reaching the #1 best seller

spot in their competitive category multiple times

Our approach:

We focused on the strategy from the start, choosing and launching the products that we predicted to perform best. With decisions like this on Amazon, you often have to wait 6-18 months before knowing for sure if they have proven successful. Taking the time to plan and research pays off.

Action steps:

  • In-person meetings to find out more about the company, their goals for Amazon, budget limitations, and possible products we could sell.
  • Thorough market and keyword analyses to compare Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. We can then choose the most profitable option for the products.
  • In depth product research on Amazon Germany to determine the best 3 products to start with out of their 100 total.
  • Background research into thousands of customer reviews, study Google, and talk to product experts. This gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ minds, and how to present the products in the most attractive way possible.
  • Create product pages that appeal to our exact target customers - every image, word of copy, and the design. This makes sure the Amazon algorithm shows us at the top of the search results as well as achieving the highest conversion rates.
  • Find reviewers for our products to create some social proof. This gives us strong initial momentum thanks to the influx of positive feedback and reviews.
  • Create Amazon Sponsored Ads that are both simple to manage and highly profitable.
  • Continuously optimize product pages to maximize relevance to the customer and search engines, resulting in a steep growth in sales. Next, add new variations of the top products to further boost sales.
  • Gather data and hold meetings with the client to perfect the quality of the products, launch new potential best sellers, and further improve sales positions.
We started working with Digital Merchant in 2017. Our cooperation involved conducting thorough market research for different products and markets, launching products, and optimizing for sales. The results were positively surprising - we sold 1141 items and earned 54 918 EUR within our first 2 months! This proves that with the right market research, strategy, and proper preparation, you can achieve results on Amazon fast.

Rainer Toome

E-commerce manager at Wendre


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